Badvertising: Brooklyn Pottery Store Has Apparently Never Seen Mad Men

Nothing says “hands-on parenting” like Don Draper

To promote a Father’s Day, Carroll Garden’s Painted Pot has put up the world’s most disconsonant advertisement in the entire world. Check out the paradoxical copy promoting a father-child activity with a picture of Jon Hamm looking out sternly as Don Draper from Mad Men.

Just read The Painted Pot’s description of their services, and ask yourself, “What Would Don Draper Do (If Someone Asked Him To Do This)?”:

We offer you a opportunity to explore the artist in you! Bring art into your family’s everyday life! Come and be inspired to create, spend time your family and friends and have lots of fun! No reservations are necessary, please walk in anytime to paint. Registration is necessary for all pottery wheel classes and all workshops.


First of all, Don Draper would never help his children paint a pot. An ashtray, maybe. Even then, he’d probably tell you to go make it yourself, dammit Sally, it’s not a gift if I do all the work for you!

(Drinks tumbler of whiskey, slams it down on desk)

“You are just  like your mother.”

This is just a terrible ad. The text makes no reference as to why Mr. Draper is being held up as the beacon of fatherhood. Is it ironic? Maybe if it was an advertisement for Mother’s Day and had a picture of Betty. But this is just monkeys. Don Draper isn’t a great dad, but nor is he the worst dad, nor is he a real dad.  He’s a character whose fatherhood has only a passing affect on his life.

It’s like…did these people watch last week’s episode? Don couldn’t even be bothered to make sure Sally wasn’t sneaking boys into the apartment or having her period.

Perhaps a pottery class with his kids is just the ticket.

Badvertising: Brooklyn Pottery Store Has Apparently Never Seen <em>Mad Men</em>