Ann Curry Wanted to Last 20 Years at Today

Well, this is awkward. Ann Curry’s on the cover of the August issue of Ladies’ Home Journal. It doesn’t hit newsstands til July 10 but today the magazine’s website published some quotes in which Ms. Curry—who is being moved out of the co-host chair at NBC’s Today—talks about how much she loves her job.

“I’ve been at Today for 15 years and I’d love to make it to 20. I think eventually I want to become a teacher, like my father wanted to be, and hopefully positively influence the next generation.”

Yikes. She also said that she takes it really hard when Today loses to rival ABC’s Good Morning America.

“It’s hard not to take it personally. You worry, Am I not good enough? Am I not what people need? Am I asking the right questions? When people say negative things or speculate, you can’t help but feel hurt. I know NBC pays my salary but I have never doubted who I work for. I think about the people who watch. They’re the ones who matter to me. I want to feel I haven’t dropped the ball when it comes to them.”

A small silver lining: Ms. Curry’s not going into negotiations totally disempowered. She’s resolved to, like Mika Brzezinski always says, “know her value.”

“I don’t always understand my worth. I think it’s a chronic condition for women. I’m not talking about professionally. I’m talking about in our personal lives. We constantly punish ourselves with degrading thoughts when we look at ourselves in the mirror. We allow people to treat us poorly, we allow our husbands or boyfriends to get away with things or we have relationships with girlfriends or colleagues who don’t treat us well. We don’t defend ourselves as we would our own children. Women have demanded and gotten better jobs and more power. But the one thing we deserve is a better relationship with ourselves. We waste too much time beating ourselves up. I think at my age of 55, it’s time to stop doing that.”

55?! Wow, she looks great.

Ann Curry Wanted to Last 20 Years at <em>Today</em>