At Bloomberg LP, Your Colleagues Know When You’re Slacking Off

What do we know about working at Bloomberg LP? There are free snacks, a winding escalator, bosses with bowties, a (life) style manual called “The Bloomberg Way” that is strictly adhered to and a somewhat frightening culture of secrecy.

Actually, make that tyrannical, paranoia-inducing surveillance, according to New York magazine’s feature package on Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his media empire.

Gabriel Sherman wrote:

“Bloomberg journalists are constantly evaluated for their productivity. Reporters earn points for the number of clicks their articles receive on the Bloomberg terminal. “It was well known and is well known that if you write a story about Goldman Sachs, sex, Viagra, Tiger Woods, and Barack Obama, you’d get a huge number of clicks,” a former reporter says. At Bloomberg, the internal computer system monitors employees’ activities. “Anyone in the company can look you up to see if you’re at your terminal,” a former staffer says. “It tells you how long your terminal has been idle.”

It’s all much bloggier than you would think! Many more anecdotes about Bloomberg News editor-in-chief Matthew Winkler, Businessweek editor Josh Tyrangiel, and departed Bloomberg View editor Jamie Rubin over  at New York.

At Bloomberg LP, Your Colleagues Know When You’re Slacking Off