Becker Stays on Nan Hayworth’s ‘Acid Hurling’ Controversy

Rich Becker (Photo: Facebook)

Rich Becker, a Democratic candidate to take on GOP Rep. Nan Hayworth in November, has no intention of letting Nan Hayworth’s spokesman off the hook for suggesting acid should be hurled onto female Democratic senators who fail to hire equitably within their own staffs.

Although the spokesman, Jay Townsend, apologized for the comment, Mr. Becker is arguing Ms. Hayworth needs to fire him to fully rectify the situation. Mr. Becker sent her a letter today, which you can view below, repeating that position, and he’s holding a rally outside of her office later this morning to further emphasize the point.

“On clear cut moral issues like this one, there is no gray area. Either you do the right thing andrefuse to accept unacceptable behavior, or you in effect condone the indefensible,” Mr. Becker wrote in the letter. “I thereforeurge you to do the right thing and fire Mr. Townsend. Even after a nearly week-long delay, firingMr. Townsend would send a welcome message that you agree that his derogatory language hasno place in the Hudson Valley.”

For her part, Ms. Hayworth’s campaign manager has doubled down on the “acid hurling” remark and accused Mr. Becker of drumming up the controversy for his own political purposes.

At least two of Mr. Becker’s Democratic rivals, Sean Patrick Maloney and Matt Alexander, have also condemned Mr. Townsend’s remark’s, but Mr. Becker has been out front and center in pushing the issue.

View the letter:
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