Bloomberg Businessweek Selling Us on ‘Selling Obama’

Bloomberg Businessweek is marvelously unrecognizable this week. Creative Director Richard Turley wrote that the grocery store circular look was inspired by this 1996 Stranger cover designed by Dale Yarger. [Tumblr]

Fox News’s Shepard Smith is unimpressed by Piers Morgan‘s phoner with Casey Anthony. “Scoop: ‘This is CNN Breaking News: Casey Anthony Has Not Gained Weight!'” he said. “You’ve come a long way, CNN.” [Huffington Post]

Happy 40th Birthday, Ms. magazine! [NY Times]

One issue of Elle UK will be edited entirely by interns. Also they’ll get paid. Agency and money? Are they even still interns, then? [Guardian]

Washington City Paper’s editor, Mike Schaffer, and its real-estate columnist, Lydia DePillis, are headed to The New Republic. He will be editorial director; she will cover tech. They also grabbed Greg Veis from The New York Times magazine to be their executive editor. [Poynter, Huffington Post]

After speaking at a business roundtable at the Newseum, Mitt Romney kicked out the reporters so he could have an off-the-record conversation with CEOs. Sounds whack but apparently it’s de rigueur for both parties. [Politico]

The New York Times added Duke professor and Washington Post alum Sarah Cohen to its Computer Assisted Reporting cluster. [Romenesko]

Leveson Inquiry reveals David Cameron and Rebekah Brooks were text friends. [Guardian]

GQ’s new augmented reality, GQ Live!, provides digital add-ons without unsightly QR codes. It debuts in the September issue. [WWD]

<em>Bloomberg Businessweek</em> Selling Us on ‘Selling Obama’