Bob Turner’s Patriotic Anti-Bieber Protest Turns Chaotic in Coney Island [Video]

One of the hecklers on the left and the army of children on the right. Bob Turner is somewhere in the middle.

Who knew a conflict that pits Justin Bieber against “Proud to be an American” could be so contentious?

For those not paying attention, a kindergarten decided to switch out the famously patriotic song with Mr. Bieber’s “Baby” for a graduation ceremony a week or so ago, causing a number of Republican officials, like Rep. Michael Grimm to lash out at the decision. Today, another one of those officials, Congressman and U.S. Senate hopeful Bob Turner, held a press conference adjacent to the school in question where he sung “Proud to be an American” with a swarm of small children waving flags.

Well, not everyone thought that was a swell idea.

“You Republicans come go to a Republican area and do that, we don’t do that here,” one of the several hecklers yelled out early on. “This is ridiculous, this is sad. This is so crazy. This is sad.”

“Excuse me sir, can you let the kids sing please?” Mr. Turner’s staffer interjected.

“No!” came the bolted response. “The kids don’t even know what they’re singing! They got something you tell them to say! It’s ridiculous! It’s sad, sad, sad. Y’all are going to burn in hell! You all burn in hell! Shame on you! Shame on you!”

At one point the kids start chanting “USA! USA! USA” to drown out the heckler, but that doesn’t exactly cause him to quit yelling at the crowd of small children and organizers.

Watch the entire affair below, which is fairly impressive as far as press conferences ago. At one point it features a random bearded individual of unknown affiliation playing a harmonica in front of the cameras:

Bob Turner’s Patriotic Anti-Bieber Protest Turns Chaotic in Coney Island [Video]