Booting Up: Patent Trolls Make Kids Cry Edition


App engineers are just like the original sheet music creators…or something. [Wall Street Journal]

San Francisco-based flirting app Skout shut down its forum for 13-17 year olds following a spate of child rapes linked to the app. Question: How did anyone think a location-based flirting app for 13 year olds was a good idea in the first place? [The New York Times]

Patent trolls had an app removed from the iTunes store. Seems like a pretty typical move–except that the app was a speech-to-text tool used by a mute little girl to communicate with her parents. Good going, assholes. [Hacker News]

But here’s an app you won’t miss: RIP Ping. [AllThingsD]

Meet your 2012 Thiel Fellows. These kids are probably too smart for their own good. [VentureBeat]

Hey Birchbox subscribers, don’t feel bad if you get some men’s products in your package this month. It’s just a teaser for Birchbox Man and is in no way shape or form a cruel reminder that you’re single. [TechCrunch]

And who cares if you’re single anyway? Etsy is making a major effort to hire more female engineers. Perhaps Hacker School is more your style? [AllThingsD] Booting Up: Patent Trolls Make Kids Cry Edition