Charles Barron’s Campaign Pitch: ‘Excited…Unbossed, Unbought’

Charles Barron (Photo: Facebook)

On Friday, Brooklyn Councilman Charles Barron released a new online ad in his closely watched congressional campaign against Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries. Mr. Barron’s commercial features the candidate standing in the park talking up his achievements in the City Council and his plans for Washington as a soundtrack of drumming and chanting plays in the background.

“I’m Charles Barron and I’m running for Congress. Im excited,” Mr. Barrons says in the ad. “Unbossed, unbought Charles Barron for Congress.”

In the ad Mr. Barron claims to be the number one Council member responsible for getting affordable housing and various other projects in his district.

“I’m the number one Council member building affordable housing. Number one at renovating parks. Number one at bringing in two new $80 million schools,” Mr. Barron says.

He continues by explaining what he’d work for if elected to the House of Representatives.

“Now, I want to go to Washington DC and fight for social security, medicare, medicaid and a national work program to put us back to work,” he says.

Mr. Barron is a former Black Panther with a record of making controversial statements against the Israeli government and in support of African dictators, among other things. His history has led to national interest in the race with Jewish leaders, high powered donors, and other members of the Democratic establishment throwing their support behind Mr. Jeffries. Despite the muscle lining up behind Mr. Jeffries, Mr. Barron has a loyal base of support in his Council district and it is expected to be a close race.

Watch Mr. Barron’s campaign ad below.

Charles Barron’s Campaign Pitch: ‘Excited…Unbossed, Unbought’