Charlie Rangel On His Friendship With John Liu: ‘This Is Where The Money Is’

Congressman Charlie Rangel arriving at his election night party as John Liu looks on. (Photo: Getty)

Embattled Comptroller John Liu was one of several prominent political leaders who joined Congressman Charlie Rangel at his victory party in Harlem last night. Mr. Rangel took note of the fact that both he and Mr. Liu have faced their share of financial scandals.

“Do we have any of our public officials? Oh, John Liu, come on, this is where the money is,” Mr. Rangel said as he called Mr. Liu on stage, presumably referencing Mr. Liu’s job watching the city coffers rather than the investigation into his campaign contributions. “John has been so dedicated to people.”

Mr. Rangel went on to compare the investigation into Mr. Liu’s campaign to the censure he received from the House in 2010 for ethics violations related to taxes and his fundraising efforts for the center for public service at City College that bears his name.

“John, I thought they had something on you, but let me tell you, that you’ve been one fantastic friend and, fortunately, the same newsmakers that don’t like you don’t like me, so that makes the friendship more binding,” Mr. Rangel said.

Mr. Liu responded that he was “so proud to be with the Harlem family here, the Rangel family.”

As Mr. Liu left the stage, The Politicker asked him if he felt Mr. Rangel’s victory despite what the congressman described as “hostile” press coverage of his past ethical issues contained any lessons about how the press treats politicians in New York.

“More important than the press, more important than the politicians is the people,” Mr. Liu said. “And the will of the people has been decided tonight, Congressman Rangel will serve for at least another term.”

Charlie Rangel On His Friendship With John Liu: ‘This Is Where The Money Is’