Christie says ‘squeeze down’ the spending

GALLOWAY – Gov. Chris Christie says we need to “squeeze down the spending” to a reasonable level and make tough choices before he and the Legislature can take a serious look at lowering property taxes.

The governor was prompted at his town hall here to talk about school spending following a question from the Galloway school board’s vice president, who asked the governor what could be down to trim property taxes.

He explained the state raises $26 billion in property taxes – compared to $11 billion from income taxes – and that the $17,700 the state spends per pupil needs to come under the microscope. Christie explained “we’re going to have to have a conversation” on what the state spends per student.

The governor also said there’s another avenue to tackle property taxes.

“If you really want to have the property taxes go down,” he said, “you’ve got to help me change the Supreme Court.”

The governor told the approximately 700 residents at his Galloway town hall that Democrats are blocking his attempts to change the court, pointing out it was a campaign promise and the people elected him to do so.

“When I was running, (I said), one of my goals was to change the Supreme Court,” Christie said. Christie says ‘squeeze down’ the spending