Christie says tax cut plan must be in budget

GALLOWAY – Gov. Chris Christie told members of a town hall that he will not consider a budget unless it includes a plan to cut taxes.

“I will not negotiate a budget with state legislators unless they cut your taxes,” Christie said at a town hall in Galloway.

The governor told residents that he and the Senate Democrats were largely on the same page, adding it’s time for people to put pressure on Assembly Democrats to come to the table and drop plans to submit a proposal for a millionaire’s tax in the budget.

“If I lift my foot off their throat just one time, they’re coming right back at you,” Christie said to the crowd, who responded with a round of applause.

“The only way to ensure that you’re money is not going to get wasted in Trenton, is don’t send it there in the first place,” Christie said.

Christie says tax cut plan must be in budget