Codecademy Programs Its Way to a $10M Series B

Mo' money mo' CSS.


Some may tsk-tsk the “learn to code” meme, but that hasn’t deterred New York-based Codecademy from sticking to its vision of teaching all of us to code. Today, cofounder Zach Sims announced on the company blog that the startup has raised $10M in series B funding from VC firms Kleiner Perkins, Index Ventures and Union Square Ventures, as well as angel investors Yuri Milner and Richard Branson.

Folding London-based Index Ventures into its investor portfolio has a lot to do with Codecademy’s future plans. Mr. Sims said that Codecademy is a “global movement,” and that the company is looking towards international expansion, having already hired people from countries like Jordan and Finland. “We want anyone, anywhere to have access to an education that can change their lives,” wrote Mr. Sims.

Codecademy as a global movement certainly sounds admirable, but we’re still skeptical about the startup’s retention rate. Wonder how Mayor Bloomberg is doing with his Codecademy resolution?
Codecademy Programs Its Way to a $10M Series B