CWA and Cablevision Spar As Union Organizing Effort Goes Down

An effort by the powerful Communication Workers of America to organize Cablevision workers went down to defeat earlier today when technicians there voted by a nearly 3-1 margin against joining the union.

News of the vote quickly set off a round of crowing by Cablevision, which had been working to defeat the organizing effort.

“Cablevision employees have spoken loudly and clearly that they value their direct relationship with the company, especially in this period of change, growth and dynamic opportunity,” the company said in a statement. “Our Bronx employees gave this matter careful consideration and independently and overwhelmingly rejected the CWA’s campaign of misinformation and false promises.”

The CWA however has vowed to press on, and accused Cablevision head James Dolan of threatening workers who attempted to unionize.

“Through countless lies, high-pressure meetings, and underhanded tactics, Cablevision illegally created a climate of such fear and intimidation that a free and fair election was impossible,” said Chris Shelton, CWA vice president. “James Dolan personally came to the Bronx not once but twice to play intimidator-in-chief.  We are confident that federal investigators will find Cablevision’s shameful conduct was illegal, and Cablevision workers across the region will continue their fight for justice and respect on the job.”


Cablevision pushed back on the notion that they had intimidated workers who wanted to unionize:

“Cablevision employees in the Bronx have resoundingly rejected the CWA union. The union’s allegations are false, Cablevision employees were in no way coerced, and this is just sour grapes from the CWA after an overwhelming loss in today’s election. We are confident that any investigation would show just that.”

The vote had been closely watched in political circles, and all of the top mayoral contenders traveled to the Bronx to encourage the workers’ effort, video of which is below:

CWA and Cablevision Spar As Union Organizing Effort Goes Down