Dan Halloran Turns His Attention to … Electromagnetic Pulse Attacks

(Photo: The Matrix Revolutions)

Republican congressional candidate Dan Halloran can sometimes hold eccentric political positions — he was probably the most prominent elected official in New York to endorse Ron Paul, for example — and he’s continuing that tradition today.

In a press release, Mr. Halloran vowed “to fight the the threat posed by electromagnetic pulse by joining the House’s EMP Caucus.”

The EMP Caucus is dedicated to protecting America from a terrorist attack using sudden pulses of electromagnetic radiation to damage or shut down critical electronic devices, and Mr. Halloran sympathizes with their goals.

“An electromagnetic pulse would be a truly scary thing,” Mr. Halloran said in the statement. “Creative terrorists could use this terrifying method of attack to hurt Americans for generations. As terrorists’ tactics evolve, our defenses must evolve with them to keep our country safe.”

Mr. Halloran’s Democratic opponent is not yet known, but there are three viable contenders who are duking it out in the June 26th primary, none of whom has made a public statement on the issue thus far.

Time will tell if this will emerge as a major campaign issue in the fall.

Dan Halloran Turns His Attention to … Electromagnetic Pulse Attacks