Dearth of Engineers in New York? Not for Facebook

"Facebook wasn’t drawn to New York for the models, moguls, or big-shot financiers."

Serkan Piantino, FB NY’s VP of engineering (Photo: Vimeo)

While most companies need a city-sponsored map to show just how many jobs they currently have open, Facebook (META)’s new engineering office is not struggling for any lack of hirable talent. According to Wired, the company is looking to add a significant number of engineers to its Madison Avenue location and is planning on poaching experienced systems engineers from New York’s financial institutions.

Writes Wired:

As he hires his core team, Piantino isn’t having any trouble lining up candidates, particularly now that Facebook isn’t asking any of them to move west of Hoboken…. Despite its sagging stock, Facebook still has plenty to offer Gotham’s infrastructure engineers. On Wall Street, back-end server guys toil behind the scenes, writing code, designing storage schemes, and figuring out the optimal way to test, deploy, and monitor everything. At Facebook, the same people can be treated like rock stars.

As if banks weren’t already being bled of their talent by startups like Tumblr and Foursquare, now they have Facebook to contend with. Sorry, bros.

We totally get the Facebook attraction, though. If there’s one thing engineers hate, it’s feeling like their life’s work doesn’t make a difference. Whether or not writing code to invent a new way for your annoying high school acquaintances to share photos of their babies is life-changing, well, that’s up to you.

Dearth of Engineers in New York? Not for Facebook