Going to the Dogs: More and More Apartments Have Pooch-Pampering Amenities

This pooch might look friendly, but he’s really scheming to take over your apartment.

If The Observer were an oracle, we’d prophesize this: dogs will one day take over the world. First, they’ll get the right to vote. Then they’ll run for office. Next will come the wars and eventually human beings will become their bitches (open to interpretation).

But perhaps we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Perhaps we got a little too excited about last week’s science-fiction-themed New Yorker.

We hope this is the case but one thing’s for sure: dogs have increasingly more sway in society. And we don’t just mean with entrepreneurs or boutique owners. They’ve now got developers and building managers clasped between their furry paws, too.

In dozens of apartments throughout the city, a slew of K-9-related amenities have or will be implemented for pet-owning residents, The Journal reports. The amenities run the gamut from day cares and spas to indoor/outdoor playground space and separate building entrances. Yes, you read that right: some buildings, such as the Caledonia , have special entrances—release the hounds!—that open into a grooming facility and are especially handy on snowy, rainy, or muddy days. For the more social dog, some apartments offer services such as puppy play dates or daily dog walks, which can be especially convenient for time-starved owners.

“More and more of our residents have dogs and treat them as their own kids,” Jamie Kaufman, a program manager at Rose Associates told The Journal.

And most of the buildings that offer said services are new. Developers are “bending over backwards to cater to pet owners as potential buyers,” Barbara Fox, the president of Fox Residential Group, said. Pet owners, once the bane of a landlord’s existence, are now, not only being solicited by developers, but are literally influencing the construction of the buildings they live in.

“We want to make it easy for you to live in an urban environment with a dog,” Daria Salusbury, a senior vice president at Related Companies, said.

We just hope dogs will return the favor in case the tables ever turn.

Going to the Dogs: More and More Apartments Have Pooch-Pampering Amenities