Doyenne of Documentaries Sheila Nevins Buys In Chelsea

Thousands of young documentary filmmakers who have looked for the keys to unlocking the heart and the pocketbook of Sheila Nevins could learn a thing or two from 252 Seventh Avenue.

The president of documentary and family programming for HBO and Cinemax was obviously quite captivated by the one-bedroom loft at the Chelsea Mercantile, which she bought for $1.29 million, according to city records. We can’t be sure what spurred Ms. Nevin’s move from her pad on the Upper East Side, but perhaps she was looking for a street life as stimulating as the documentaries she handpicks?

The airy, open layout looks perfect for Ms. Nevins. Modern and no-nonsense, it’s just the kind of place we’d picture a woman who is sometimes referred to as the “de Medici of Television” for her stalwart support of non-fiction filmmakers.

The apartment has great light, as we can see in the photos of the listing, held by Thomas Demsker of Demsker Realty.

“Eastern exposure fills the apartment with sunlight from 4 extra-large Thermopane tilt-and-turn windows,” the listing boasts. We assume that the previous owner, photographer Roberto Ligresti, also enjoyed the lavish light. He bought the seventh-floor apartment for $1.2 million in 2008.

The apartment had a quick turn on the market—only a month—but then, Ms. Nevins is accustomed to snapping up things she likes. Doyenne of Documentaries Sheila Nevins Buys In Chelsea