Emma Stone Straddles the Vogue/Teen Vogue Divide

Though not technically a teenager, Ms. Stone, 23, can still use her parent’s health insurance under Obama Care.

Emma Stone made her Vogue debut in July. No surprise there: she’s about to be in a superhero movie, she was also on the cover of New York, it’s her moment, her sh-bam . What’s weird is that in August, she’ll be on the cover of Teen Vogue, along with Spiderman boyfriend Andrew Garfield, a PR coup didn’t even know was possible. She already did Teen Vogue, naturally, back in September, 2011, when she was still a redhead.

Tomorrow magazine, the planned last hurrah of laid off GOOD staffers like Ann Friedman and Cord Jefferson, met its Kickstarter fundraising goal in less than a day and the total is still climbing. We might even live to see The Day After Tomorrow magazine.[Poynter]

Gatecrasher editor Frank DiGiacomo is leaving the Daily News to oversee editorial operations for Movieline. [WWD]

R.I.P. Hearst chairman George Hearst, Jr. [SF Gate]

Facebook’s board of directors finally got a woman, COO Sheryl Sandberg. We assume The Atlantic is tearing up its book to crash a cover story as we type. [Yahoo!]

Tyler Hicks contested Ed Shadid‘s account of his late cousin Anthony feeling pressured by the New York Times to go to Syria, where he died. “We both campaigned very hard to go on this assignment. In fact, the only time I heard Anthony ever express any frustration was — in fact, the only time I heard Anthony express any frustration prior to our departure — was due to all of the delays.” [LA Times]

Wall Street Journal reporting intern fired for making up sources’ names. [Poynter]

News Corp. is considering splitting up into two companies, one for the TV and entertainment business, one for the newspaper and publishing business. Can’t have these minor phonehacking scandals polluting the big TV deals! [Wall Street Journal]

Emma Stone Straddles the <em>Vogue</em>/<em>Teen Vogue</em> Divide