ABC No Rio Goes Green, With Ivy and Envy

Kinda boring for an anarcho-punk squatters collective. (Curbed)

Now that’s more like it. (Curbed)

It looks like ABC No Rio is receiving a long-awaited facelift, one that will provide the space with a much more uniform aesthetic.

The construction phase is finally coming to fruition at the 156 Rivington St. space, which once served as the locale for the dilapidated residence that previously housed the grassroots collective. Architect Paul Castrucci’s ideas for the art hub appear to have a very new-age feel with ample, neutral wallspace complemented by steel structuring throughout the building, as Curbed reveals.

And while the somewhat bland internal space will play perfect host to a display of artwork, the outside structure somewhat plays up its activist persona with a very go-green approach. The design, which also includes a green roof and a second-floor terrace, was intended for complete airtightness and energy efficiency, while also keeping with LEED standards.

Go green, indeed.

ABC No Rio Goes Green, With Ivy and Envy