Forget SMS Alerts: IFTTT Wants to Switch Your Lights on At Sunset

They'll leave the light on for you.

Well, our housekeeping just got easier. (Screencap)

Currently sitting atop the Hacker News homepage: IFTTT, the service that effectively lets you program the Internet to suit your needs, just announced a couple of new features. And if you are a fan of the connected home, then you had better brace yourself, because IFTTT just started integrating with its first real hardware company.

First off, the service can now integrate with two types of WeMo devices, the Switch and the Motion, both of which allow users to control home electronics remotely. The former would allow you to, let’s say, program your bedside lamp to switch on at sunset, or your coffee maker to startup at sunrise. Using the latter, you can apparently program an alert that tells you when to clean the litterbox, which is just the kind of hardware innovation us Internet cat ladies like to see.

They also announced QuickTriggers, which (as one might expect from the name) spring into effect immediately upon detecting relevant new information. These faster alerts are available on email, SMS, phone, Google talk, and the WeMo devices.

Besides the additional features, IFTTT also did a bit of sprucing up about the place, including a brand-new logo. Most importantly, the service has streamlined its mystifying language, unifying the various compenents under a cooking metaphor: Tasks are now recipes; add-ins are now ingredients.

Just be sure not to trigger any rogue pufferfish.

Forget SMS Alerts: IFTTT Wants to Switch Your Lights on At Sunset