From Social Search to Productivity Tool, Greplin Pivots to Cue

$4 million later...

Mr. Gross. (Twitter)

Greplin, a hot web startup out of San Francisco that raised $4.72 million from investors including Sequoia Capital, SV Angel and Lerer Ventures, has officially pivoted. The company was a web-based search engine that indexed a person’s Twitter, Facebook and Gmail accounts, among others, into a searchable personal archive. Mike Arrington called it a “must-use service for anyone with a robust online life.”

Then in August, Greplin released an iPhone app that combined your personal archive with your calendar in order to serve up spot-on predictive searches, already on the path to something new. It’s not enough to give people a searchable archive and easy access to their own data–“the search bar for your life,” as the tagline went–Greplin seems to have decided that it’d be better to use that access to predict what information people will need.

The new product is called Cue. The new tagline for Cue is “an intelligent snapshot of your day.” Greplin will phase out its web-based search in the next few weeks. The new service is “the best way for you to contact the people you care about, get where you’re going, and stay informed,” Cue says on its blog.

Not all users agree. Some Greplin addicts took to Twitter to express their discontent at losing a favorite product:

Right now there’s an iPhone app that weaves together information from all your various in and out boxes into what sounds like a data-rich agenda. Contact information pulled from an email is connected to a meeting on your calendar. Cue also helps you track packages and reservations. A web product is coming soon, Cue says. CEO Daniel Gross did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment.

From Social Search to Productivity Tool, Greplin Pivots to Cue