HBO’s ‘Girls’ Second Season Casting Notices Getting Progressively Funnier

The second season is already shaping up to be...amazing.

Yes, we know. It just ended on Sunday. And you already miss it. So we ask, at full volume:

Are you ready for the second season of HBO’s ‘Girls,’ Bob Ross-lookalikes, “Muffle Car”-owners, and unicycling hipsters?

Then, wow, do we have a job for you:

Why hire a hipster when they can just get this kid? (Don’t answer that, Leslie Arfin.) Surely, however, this one is more specific:

Note “Bob Ross Types,” which ideally isn’t exclusive to just “People Who Look Like Bob Ross.” Helpful hint: We’re pretty sure these guys frequent the bar pickup scene at Andrew Tarlow restaurants on late weekday afternoons. Finally:

We have no idea what a “Muffle Car” is, but we’re obviously not spending enough time amongst Greenpoint’s flourishing steampunk scene. All of you beautiful, freaky people, go with god, and answer your call. The second season of Girls is the closest you’re ever going to get to a third season of Carnivale. Now’s your chance.

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HBO’s ‘Girls’ Second Season Casting Notices Getting Progressively Funnier