Golden Campaign Slams Tenants PAC Over Attack Mailer

One side of the ad, implying the recipients could get tossed out of their homes because of Marty Golden. (Photo:

It looks like GOP State Senator Marty Golden and a tenant’s advocacy organization have rhetorically gone to war with one another.

The word brawl started when Tenants PAC released a mailer attacking Mr. Golden sharply for being part of a Republican caucus that thwarted efforts to strengthen rent regulations.

“If you rent, you could lose your home, because Marty Golden sold us out to the landlords,” the advertisement declares. “Thousands of Brooklyn families face unfair evictions each month because Marty Golden and his Republican cronies in Albany get their way.”

Unsurprisingly, Mr. Golden disagreed with this assessment. In his first campaign statement since he announced his reelection bid back in April, they blasted back at Tenants PAC back in rather harsh terms.

“These mailings, which are a distortion of Senator Golden’s record, are being orchestrated by the Manhattan-based Tenants PAC,” his campaign manager, Jeffrey Kraus, said while defending Mr. Golden’s record on tenant issues. “This organization represents wealthy renters making in excess of $200,000 a year who are trying to maintain their artificially low rents in the booming Manhattan real estate market.”

Mr. Kraus also expressed skepticism that his Democratic opponent, attorney Andrew Gounardes, has much of a record at all on the issue.

“The tenants in Marty Golden’s district know that the Senator works for them. Multimillionaire tenants in Stuy Town and Peter Cooper village don’t need the rest of us to subsidize their summer homes in the Hamptons,” he continued. “That is what their Tenants PAC is all about. That’s who Andrew Gounardes cares about. After all, how many buildings has Mr. Gounardes organized in the District? How many tenants has he helped?”

For his part, Mr. Gounardes has embraced the tenants’ rights message, sending out a lengthy press release yesterday detailing the issues and criticizing Mr. Golden over it.

“This is the reckless modus operandi typical of an out-of-touch Senator who is quick to marginalize and dismiss issues he doesn’t agree with as problems irrelevant to his district,” Mr. Gounardes’ campaign manager Chris McCreight said. “Senator Golden might not have a problem ignoring 1/3 district but the data can’t be ignored.”

Golden Campaign Slams Tenants PAC Over Attack Mailer