Hakeem Jeffries Beat Charles Barron in His Own Council District

Hakeem Jeffries declaring victory last night. (Photo: David Freedlander)


Looking at a detailed result of last night’s election where Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries thumped Councilman Charles Barron, it seems that Mr. Barron could not even pull out a victory in his own district, let alone his wife’s smaller assembly district (or any other way you would care to slice the results).

The Board of Elections disseminated the results by assembly districts, and Ms. Barron’s A.D. in East New York contained Mr. Barron’s best performance of the night, by far. Mr. Jeffries won 53% of the vote there.

Mr. Jeffries’ astounding performance in many ways might be attributed to the way the media covered the race. Prominent publications declared Mr. Barron to be “surging” while assigning him a passionate base of supporters that could theoretically overwhelm Mr. Jeffries in a low turnout affair. National and local Democrats subsequently panicked at the possibility of the controversial pol going to Washington, resulting in more theoretical steam for Mr. Barron. But as one electoral observer described it, “Not even his own neighbors supported him!”

In the end, what drives results in low-turnout elections is the organizational capacity to identify and contact every single voter inclined to support your candidate. Mr. Jeffries, with almost every labor union, the Working Families Party, and an energized base of support throughout the district’s demographics, simply dominated.

You can view the results, broken down by Assembly District below:

Hakeem Jeffries Beat Charles Barron in His Own Council District