Here’s an Idea: Let’s Turn Pinterest Into a Massive Graphic Novel

One publisher is already giving it a go.

Yup, sounds like a teenager to us. (Photo: Screencap)

We tend to think of Pinterest as being pretty straightforward: See pretty picture/thing we want, pin it, repeat ad infinitum. Hence the free-and-clear path to monetization.

But the Daily Dot reports that a particularly aggressive “transmedia” publisher, BeActive, wants to use the platform as a storytelling medium. The company is taking Beat Girl, a novel, and turning it into:

a Pinterest profile that tells the story of fictional DJ Heather Jennings in a method that’s not quite TV show, not quite in-person character sketch, and not quite graphic novel. With 160 pins and counting, viewers can catch new glimpses of Jennings’ life added daily. The interactive drama is presented as a prequel to an upcoming multi-platform video series.

So far, the imaginary Ms. Jennings has a respectable 3175 followers.

The results (including a board titled “My Big Dream,” full of pics anticipating her hoped-for life in New York City) remind us of an on-the-up-and-up Lonelygirl15. It does feel a little like a webisode, though, in that it strikes us as more of a marketing technique than a fully-realized narrative. But the project does make us excited for the day someone uses Pinterest to pull an @MayorEmanuelFake Mitt Romney, we’re looking at you.

Here’s an Idea: Let’s Turn Pinterest Into a Massive Graphic Novel