IFTTT Integrates With Bitly, Hopefully Placating the Internet

At least you can auto-tweet now, guys.

Bitly taketh away, but bitly also giveth. That redesign inspired the wrath of the Internet, but, as though to placate professional scourers of the Internet, the link sharing service is now integrating with IFTTT (If This Then That). You guys happy now?

IFTTT allows users to create tasks so that if something happens, the service will do something else. So you could set an IFTTT to get an email when it rains, or receive an alert whenever someone specific tweets. The bitly integration makes it possible to automatically tweet any link you shorten (that is, provided you’ve figured out how to shorten links on the new bitly).

Already popular: saving starred Google Reader items as private Bitmarks and sharing Bitmarks on Tumblr. By God, you will learn to use Bitmarks and, what’s more, you will learn to love and appreciate them.

Only tangentially related: We kinda miss the hapless-looking old puffer fish. Who is this smiley new guy?

UPDATED: Turns out there’s a kink worth mentioning. This reporter’s Twitter just spat out a Bitmark for a National Geographic article regarding puffer fish. Presumably, this is the sample Bitmark awaiting every new bitly user, and when we created our IFTTT task to test all the aforementioned processes, out popped the puffer, thereby inspiring at least one fellow Betabeat writer to burst out laughing at our sudden, random taste for nature reporting.

  IFTTT Integrates With Bitly, Hopefully Placating the Internet