It Is 2012 and Pregnant Women are Still Discriminated Against by VCs

Working moms can't catch a break.

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Upon navigating to the front page of the New York Times website this weekend, we were happily surprised to discover that a piece about women in technology occupied the feature spot. “Nurturing a Baby and a Startup Business” chronicles the difficulties of juggling motherhood and a booming business, through the lens of a handful of New York’s lady-driven startups: The Knot, Rent the Runway and Gilt Groupe, to name a few.

As a simultaneously baby-obsessed, career-minded lady, it was an inspiring piece, but some of the quotes were enough to make us strike our fists against the kitchen counter, spilling our morning coffee. See for yourselves:

Yet much of the investment world, heavily dominated by men, remains skeptical about a woman’s ability to combine running a fast-growing tech start-up and motherhood, Ms. Gugnani says. She raised $3 million from investors before becoming pregnant.

“All of the women I know who went to raise money did it when they didn’t have kids,” she says. “There is total discrimination in the start-up world against women who are pregnant.”

How is it 2012 and we are still seeing brazen discrimination like this? Perhaps hiring a few more lady VCs could help combat that. Plus, it’s worth noting that the ladies in this Times piece are able to afford nannies–but many women with kids and tech career aspirations aren’t so lucky.

It Is 2012 and Pregnant Women are Still Discriminated Against by VCs