Kickstarter Announces Live Stats Page So You Can Watch the Numbers Tick

Transparency 'R' Us.

Kickstarter, New York’s premier crowdfunding platform, updates the public from time to time with blog posts full of delicious statistics about the number of projects funded, number of dollars raised, and types of campaigns running. These posts tend to inspire fear, awe and commentaries like “Kickstarter Hits 10,000 Projects With $60 M. Raised – Funding Accelerating Fast.”

But it will no longer be necessary to wait for the company’s sporadic memos. Kickstarter cofounder Yancey Strickler just announced a live stats page that will let anyone see the numbers surrounding different projects. The page will display information like total dollars pledged and success rate per category, updated once a day.

“We’ve always wanted a way to share our numbers consistently,” Mr. Strickler writes. Like Facebook’s stats page, the move will be good for fending off journalists who want updated numbers on a fast-growing company. For reference, Kickstarter’s launched 60,754 projects, of which 24,984 have been successful. (Hey, this should also help speed up those sensationalist infographics.) Additionally, $261 million have been pledged to all projects, which includes $27 million in “unsuccessful dollars,” which are dollars pledged to startups that never hit the tipping point.

The company has been more transparent with the numbers than some of its crowdfunding competitors—sharing stats in its annual reports or breaking down the effect of blockbuster projects—like Pebble the smartwatch or the videogame Double Fine Adventure. But with the brave new world of crowdinvesting poised to take off, the more public data, the better.

Kickstarter Announces Live Stats Page So You Can Watch the Numbers Tick