Lancman Literature Takes Swipes at Both Opponents

Assemblyman Rory Lancman has been sniping at his opponents’ Social Security positions in the media as of late, but it looks like the gloves might finally be ready to come off. Multiple voters in the district reported receiving a mailer, which his campaign sent out to reporters yesterday, directly criticizing his two main competitors: Assemblywoman Grace Meng and Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley.

On the back side of the ad — which, to be fair, largely touts Mr. Lancman’s commitment to Social Security and images of the candidate talking to old people — are photos of Ms. Meng and Ms. Crowley next to this text:

GRACE MENG: Believes there is no crisis and we should just let benefits get reduced.

“The funds are not running out tomorrow. In 2033, even if Congress and our government took zero action, there would still be enough funds in there to pay about three quarters of the benefits.”

ELIZABETH CROWLEY: Opposes lifting the Social Security tax exemption for high-income earners.

Ms. Crowley defended her position by arguing she was just looking to avoid raising taxes on the middle class, responding in a statement, “Raising taxes on the middle class and on small businesses is exactly what we don’t need to help Social Security. I’m sorry that Mr. Lancman thinks that it is a good idea.”

For her part, Ms. Meng’s campaign argued Mr. Lancman’s quote of her is not an advocacy for cutting benefits, and a spokesman furthermore called his “repeated distortion of the facts” “pathetic and, frankly, disturbing.”

Mr. Lancman’s campaign naturally insisted that the comments speak for themselves, and his spokesman declared, “The Meng campaign can try to spin all they want, but the tape doesn’t lie.”

Technologically savvy recipients of the critical campaign mailer (which might not be the crowd most interested in Social Security) can even use a QR code next to Ms. Meng and Ms. Crowley on the ad to be sent to this YouTube of their comments;

Lancman Literature Takes Swipes at Both Opponents