Malcolm Gladwell Feels Bad for Jonah Lehrer

Malcolm Gladwell responds to the self-plagiarism debate surrounding Jonah Lehrer, who is often referred to as the next Malcolm Gladwell: “The conventions surrounding what is and is not acceptable in magazine writing, books and speaking have been worked out over the past 100 years. The conventions over blogging are being worked out as we speak. Everyone who writes for a living is going to learn from this. I’m just sorry Jonah had to bear the brunt of it.” As for the allegations that Mr. Lehrer over-aggregated  Mr. Gladwell’s work, he thinks they’re “ridiculous.” [WWD]

Vogue Thailand launches, poaches editor-in-chief Kullawit Laosuksri from Elle Thailand. [Press Release]

Stony Brook University is planning an international reporting center to be named for Marie Colvin, who was killed reporting in Syria this year. [Daily News]

Mitt Romney has made 21 appearances on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends,” which is an entertainment program, says the network, not news. Imagine if he went on, like, Fallon that much. [NY Times]

Penguin and 3M are working on a pilot program to make Penguin e-books available in NYC libraries. [NY Times]

Geez, time warp. Hugh Hefner, 86, wants Playboy Enterprises to acquire Dick Clark Productions, home of So You Think You Can Dance. (Clark, who died in April at age 82, had no financial stake in DCP.) [NY Post]

Laurie Anderson performed at Salman Rushdie‘s birthday party. That guy has all the fun. [NY Post]

New York Media’s Design Hunting performs well, doubles frequency. [Adweek]

YouTube is about to launch “Zeen,” which sounds like Tumblr, maybe? A place to “discover and create beautiful magazines.” [The Next Web]

Malcolm Gladwell Feels Bad for Jonah Lehrer