Marijuana won’t be legal in N.J. as long as Christie is governor

PISCATAWAY – Gov. Chris Christie says he would never sign any legislation that would legalize marijuana in the state.

The governor spoke on the subject after being prompted to by someone at his town hall meeting in Piscataway today. Christie told the crowd the state would continue to implement its medical marijuana program, but that’s as far as it would go in New Jersey as long as he’s governor.

“My view is that we shouldn’t legalize marijuana,” he said.

He told the crowd his predecessor signed the medical pot legislation at about 2 a.m. before Christie took office.

“I wish he would have gone to sleep that night and not stayed up (until 2 a.m.),” Christie quipped.

The governor, who has been criticized by supporters of medicinal pot who say his administration has dragged its feet in implementing the program, affirmed the state would move ahead with its medical marijuana program. However, he assured the town hall audience  New Jersey won’t follow the steps taken by other states that implemented similar programs.

“I’m not going to let our state become Colorado or California,” he said. “You’ve got, essentially, the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and California.”

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Marijuana won’t be legal in N.J. as long as Christie is governor