Mayor Bloomberg Understands the Value of a Museum Show

(Courtesy the Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Capital New York attended the opening ceremony for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s annual P.S. Art exhibition, which this year features work from 74 New York City public school students.

Chancellor of Education Dennis Walcott and Mayor Michael Bloomberg were on-hand to give remarks, and the mayor posited that the show may even help the budding careers of these young arts.

From the story:

Speaking directly to the young artists, the mayor said, “I don’t know that it’s more saleable because its provenance now says ‘hung in the Metropolitan Museum of Art,’ but I don’t see any reason why you can’t on the back of it put a little piece of paper describing where it was. And if somebody wants to come along and help you as a starving young artist be able to do some more, than you should do that.”

Spoken like a true billionaire arts patron! He also made a joke about how weather sometimes makes the city more beautiful, so we shouldn’t complain when it rains or, say, snows.

Mayor Bloomberg Understands the Value of a Museum Show