Morning Read: Cuomo’s Man-Cave; NYPD Reaches Out On Frisk; 2012’s ‘Joyless Slog’

The candidates in NY6 are all trying to prove that they are not what their reputations suggest, David Chen writes: Grace Meng that she is not a tool of the Queens Machine, Rory Lancman that he is not arrogant and irritating, Liz Crowley that she lacks “the intellectual horsepower.”

Gina Bellafante teases Bob Turner for his “political opportunism” and accuses him of pushing a story about Bieber-gate that isn’t true.

Charlie Rangel scored an endorsement from Nancy Pelosi. 

Andrew Cuomo’s Mt Kisco home has a “man-cave” with “a giant poster of rock legend Jim Morrison hanging on a floor-to-ceiling mirror.”

A bill to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana was killed by white lawmakers from rural and suburban parts of New York State.

A bill to permit speed-cameras in Albany is gaining traction. 

The legislature looks set to release the grades of public school teachers without the names attached, and to allow parents to see the scores of their child’s teacher.

The Assembly and the UFT support the bill, and Gov. Cuomo does not seem inclined to negotiate further.

The Bloomberg administration sent Howard Wolfson to the Capitol to lobby against the bill. 

The Post says that “this bill needs to die.”

Ray Kelly has convened a panel of community activists to advise him on stop-and -frisk and other matters.

Former governor David Paterson, who is set to be confirmed to the MTA board this week, was stuck on a 2 train underground for 45 minutes yesterday. 

Environmental groups from across the country are gearing up to fight Andrew Cuomo’s limited hydrofracking plan. 

Mike Bloomberg said that the city shrunk its carbon footprint by 13 percent over the last five years. 

Officials are calling on the NYPD to assign officers to buses to crack down on fare beaters. 

The MTA loses about $50 million a year from those who don’t pay their fair share, nearly triple what was estimated.

Mike Bloomberg has signed on to Gale Brewer’s plan to limit the size of storefronts of the Upper West Side. 

Henry Stern slammed the appointment of Veronica White as new Parks commissioner. 

Maggie Haberman and Alexander Burns: “2012 has unfolded so far as a grinding, joyless slog, falling short in every respect of the larger-than-life personalities and debates of the 2008 campaign.”

A new Bloomberg poll gives Obama a 13 point lead.

The House is set to hold Eric Holder in contempt. 

A plurality of Americans say that they are better off than they were when Obama took office. 

Obama acknowledged that the situation Europe could effect his own re-election prospects. 

Charlie Cook says that the odds have gotten tougher for Obama.

Obama’s SuperPAC unleashed another attack on Bain. 

Morning Read: Cuomo’s Man-Cave; NYPD Reaches Out On Frisk; 2012’s ‘Joyless Slog’