Morning Read: Bloomberg Cash Give-Away; Obama Asks For More Time; Legalizing Pot And Criminalizing The Big Gulp

A new plan by the Cuomo administration would permit hydrofracking only in struggling communities near the Pennsylvania border, and would only be permitted in communities that want it.

Ed Towns is “leaving Congress with a big chip on his shoulder and some scores to settle,” POLITICO writes, which may explain why he endorsed Charles Barron over Hakeem Jeffries.

“Big shots” are worried that Barron may be for real, writes Juan Gonzalez.

Kate Taylor writes that only Council Speaker Christine Quinn declined to vilify Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s diversity record among 2013 contenders yesterday, focusing instead on specific changes that should be  made.

Bloomberg Philanthropies is offering millions of dollars to mayors that come up with replicable ideas for innovation. 

Shelly Silver predicted that the minimum wage law would be approved before November. 

Bob Turner: “We’re legalizing pot and criminalizing a Big Gulp. Is there something wrong with this picture?”

But Michael Grynbaum gets to the heart of the matter: what about the frappucino?

A new state mandated increase on the amount businesses must pay for injured employees in workers comp cases have some wondering if New York is really “open for business.”

The City Council is targeting cab drivers who ferry prostitutes between jobs. 

And taxi fares are set to rise. 

Cabbies also would like a morning rush hour surcharge. 

In a DN op-ed, Bill de Blasio slammed the mayor for making an end-run around the City Council to approve his taxi plan.

The Council is also weighing legislation that would create an independent monitor over the NYPD.

A new documentary details what stop-and-frisk is like to those who have been victims of it.

Floyd Flake came out in favor of stop-and-frisk.

Very cool: an architectural designer is cataloging all of New York’s neon signs. 

A suburban style mall is coming to the Bronx. 

A plan to extend an underwater natural gas pipeline under a national park in the Rockaways is frowned upon by environmental activists. 

Ron Barber, an aide to Gabby Giffords who almost lost his life in the shooting spree that injured her, won Giffords old seat in Congress. 

Arizona is still a long shot for Obama however. 

New polling shows that Obama’s advantage on the economy has disappeared. 

Obama isn’t offering new ideas on the economy so much as he is arguing that he needs more time.

Newt Gingrich called for an end to limits on campaign contributions. 

Liberals are no longer giving to the Obama campaign.

Michelle Obama is on Pinterest. 

Morning Read: Bloomberg Cash Give-Away; Obama Asks For More Time; Legalizing Pot And Criminalizing The Big Gulp