Morning Read: Exit Duane; Mayo Mike; Romney Advising Romney

(photo: @azipaybarah)

Tom Duane won’t run for reelection.

A slew of potential contenders have the potential to emerge in the next day or so.

Governor Cuomo will push for decriminalization of small amounts of weed in public view.

A pro-charter school group will spend “six figures” on behalf of Hakeem Jeffries.

Mayor Bloomberg: “Probably a lot of calories in a BLT when you put as much mayonnaise on it as I do.”

Bloomberg turned down a job offer to head the World Bank.

Additional investigations emerged against William Boyland.

The Speaker of the House in Connecticut is in some hot water of his own.

Nan Hayworth’s spokesman apologized.

David Storobin spent more on his campaign than he’ll make in the State Senate.

Guy Molinari on Donald Trump’s birtherism: “People don’t want to hear about that crap.”

Gatemouth suggested Noach Dear is on the verge of running for the State Senate.

Politics surrounding the living wage legislation is heavily involved in the 2013 mayoral race.

Alec Baldwin “must qualify as an honorary Central New Yorker.”

The Daily News opposes the City Council’s proposed bike helmet law.

And took a hammer to Charles Hynes over his failure to prosecute sex abuse cases in the Orthodox community.

The MTA already rates subway stations.

Kirsten Gillbrand will be on Top Chef today.

Dennis Walcott would really like to be able to fire teachers accused of sex crimes.

The New York Times called for women to be able to serve on the front lines of combat.

And endorsed the Dream Act.

Cardinal Dolan blasted a Times report on him reauthorizing payments to priests accused of pedophilia.

California will be testing a new kind of nonpartisan primaries tomorrow.

Mitt Romney lacks a Karl Rove-like adviser and instead advises himself.

Obama outspends Romney online.

Romney is playing offense.

A Republican resurgence in Wisconsin could spell trouble for Obama.

Morning Read: Exit Duane; Mayo Mike; Romney Advising Romney