Morning Read: Soda Cups Can Wait; Clinton Takes Jersey; Walker Walks

Bob Turner criticized Barack Obama after Michelle Obama’s statement on the soda ban.

David Storobin sounds like he’ll be running for reelection in the Orthodox Jewish district.

He said his victory is more than a dream come true.

Brad Hoylman confirmed that he’ll run for Tom Duane’s seat.

Charter school advocates are concerned about the 2013 mayoral field.

The drama surrounding Larry Seabrook’s retrial has been increasing.

Five more individuals in the city’s housing bureaucracy have been charged for corruption.

Marty Golden and Eric Adams jabbed at one another over security camera funding.

New Jersey also held elections last night.

The Bill Clinton-backed Bill Pascrell dominated.

Joseph Stiglitz discussed the problems associated with income inequality on Inside City Hall.

A judge said he was rather randomly attacked by an NYPD officer.

The New York Times expressed discomfort with Governor Cuomo’s relationship with the casino industry.

Saying “perception matters” on the issue, the New York Post raised its eyebrows.

The Daily News strongly supported Cuomo’s marijuana reform proposal.

Sexual misconduct allegations in city schools are on the rise.

Guests at the Waldorf-Astoria can enjoy the bees.

Helene Weinstein’s presence was edited out of a photo on an Orthodox website.

Headline: “Abortion Qualms on Morning-After Pill May Be Unfounded”

Scott Walker won.

It won’t have an impact on the presidential election.

Seriously, it won’t.

The Democrats won control of Wisconsin’s State Senate, however.

Walker had a unifying tone for his victory speech.

His opponent was slapped while walking off the stage.

Mitt Romney raised $15 million in two days in Texas.

Bill Clinton hasn’t been doing the best job at holding to the White House’s messaging.

Morning Read: Soda Cups Can Wait; Clinton Takes Jersey; Walker Walks