The New York Times Magazine’s Hugo Lindgren Tells Reddit What Girls Character He Is

0% Shoshanna? Please

This guy is adorkable! (

Hugo Lindgren, ethical feminist, entered Reddit’s Ask Me Anything forum an hour ago to appeal to Reddit readers who have been on the fence about subscribing to The New York Times Magazine.

Of course, the questions soon turn to the important topics of the day: What Girls character did Mr. Lindgren most identify with?

23967230985723986: Are you a Hannah, Jessa, Marnie, or Shoshanna?
Also, this is more of a Times question, but do you have any good stories about David Brooks, Maureen Dowd, Douthat, Friedman, et al. that you’d be willing to dish on? David Carr?

Hugolindgren: I am consulting with my Girls experts, and they say: “Zero percent Shoshanna, zero percent Jessa. 60 percent Hanna because she is the archetypal writer & self reflective, but the rest Marnie because you don’t let your self reflection paralyze you.” I have no idea what any of that means because I am the designated non-Girls watcher on staff. Not for any good reason, except, you know, the Rangers.

Mr. Lindgren did not consult with his New York Times experts in order to answer the second half of that query. But yeah, Mr. Lindgren is  is totes a Hannah!

<em>The New York Times Magazine’s</em> Hugo Lindgren Tells Reddit What <em>Girls</em> Character He Is