Judge Moved to ‘Strong Language’ By Paul Ceglia’s Attempts to Stall the Facebook Lawsuit

Judge wonders if Mr. Ceglia is "marginally literate."

Mr. Ceglia. (facebook.com)

Paul Ceglia sure has a talent for pissing people off. The latest: Federal Magistrate Leslie G. Foschio, who CNET says “sometimes used strong language” to explain why he dismissed five motions filed by Mr. Ceglia’s ever-evolving legal team.

The judge also gave Mr. Ceglia 10 days to convince him that Mr. Ceglia’s attempts to delay proceeding wouldn’t require further sanctions. (Mr. Ceglia was already ordered to reimburse Facebook (META) more than $75,000 in legal fees back in February.)

One of the five motions dismissed included Mr. Ceglia’s attempt to strike a report from an expert forensic document examiner:

In dismissing the motion, the judge said “the construction urged by plaintiff of [the expert’s] testimony in the omitted cases is, at best, strained, and, more correctly, a gross misrepresentation which would be detected by even the marginally literate.”

Indeed, the judge cited lack of evidence supporting the dismissed claims as his reason for suspecting that Mr. Ceglia was attempting to stall the suit:

Foschio said the “complete dearth of any evidence” supporting the motions that were dismissed, as well as the “requests to stay discovery pending resolution of such motions, gives rise to more than suspicion that such motions were filed solely to unreasonably and vexatiously multiply the proceedings, and especially to derail the schedule for the limited discovery of experts” as ordered in April.

Vexatiously! My, that is strong language.

Judge Moved to ‘Strong Language’ By Paul Ceglia’s Attempts to Stall the Facebook Lawsuit