Rejoice! Bitly Reinstitutes Easy Link Shortening

You win this time, people of the Internet.


We have to hand it to Bitly–instead of recoiling from the massive outpouring of distaste for its new redesign, the link-shortener-turned-social-network has translated user feedback into site design action. The company already responded to user complaints with bitmark revamps last week, but in a post on its blog today, Bitly announced that it has reinstated easier link shortening, effectively squashing the majority of complaints users had about its redesign. That means you, Roger Ebert.

According to the Bitly blog:

In the week since our release, we’re already making adjustments, so that saving and shortening links in the new bitly is a whole lot easier. Now, when you paste a link into the “Paste a link here…” box at the top of the page, it will be instantly saved when you paste it (no second click needed)— and the shortlink will be right there ready for you to copy.

Less clicking! That’s all an avid Internet user can really ask for, right? Rejoice! Bitly Reinstitutes Easy Link Shortening