Most Delightfully Weird Ask Me Anything Requests on Reddit

We demand the following things happen immediately.

Hang on, we’re popping popcorn.

It’s now something of a celebrity rite of passage, as well as a downright pleasant way to while away an afternoon. But while it’s perfectly delightful to see Woody Harrelson faceplant at Q&A, we’ve noticed that there are several interesting requests piling up, just aching to become hours of entertainment. In fact, here are a few we’d officially approve and would please like to see.

1. Someone who won at McDonald’s Monopoly

If only to provide an excuse to continue buying the hash browns.

2. COPS cameraman

We’d also like to request cameramen from Jerry Springer, Real Housewives of New Jersey, and Planet Earth.

3. “Someone who had sex with a hot girl in their area as a result of clicking on an ad on a porn website

Though we rather doubt that such a human being exists.

4. Someone who knows Kim Jong Un from his European sojourn 

Also, we’d like some pictures of him looking at major landmarks.

5. Scumbag Steve

Hey, he showed up to ROFLcon.

6. One of Michelle Bachmann’s foster kids

Admit it, you’re curious.

7. Someone who left a band, which then hit it big 

We know you’re out there and probably a redditor.

We’re waiting.

Most Delightfully Weird Ask Me Anything Requests on Reddit