Romney Campaign Creates An Imaginary Bill Clinton Twitter Account

The Romney campaign’s fantasy Twitter version of Bill Clinton. (Photo: Twitter)

In their latest press release, the Romney campaign asked, “WHAT IF @Bill_Clinton12 WERE TWEETING?” They proceeded to answer their own question with a series of hypothetical Tweets from a @Bill_Clinton12 account.

The Romney campaign started their Bill Clinton Twitter fantasy by imagining what his recent statements defending Mr. Romney’s work at Bain Capital would sound like in Tweet form:

“@Bill_Clinton12: There’s no question that @MittRomney had a sterling business career.

@Bill_Clinton12: The Obama campaign shouldn’t be attacking @MittRomney’s private sector work.

@Bill_Clinton12: In my humble opinion, the time @MittRomney spent at Bain Capital was a good business career.”

The Romney campaign also converted some critical comments Mr. Clinton made about President Barack Obama in 200 into Tweets:

“@Bill_Clinton12: A vote for @BarackObama is a crap shoot – a roll of the dice.

@Bill_Clinton12: Why would you vote 4 @BarackObama with only 1 year in the Senate? Really?

@Bill_Clinton12: If you’re voting for @BarackObama you might as well vote for Chris Matthews!”

There is indeed a @Bill_Clinton12 account that seems to have been set up by the Romney campaign. It features a photo of Mr. Clinton playing the saxophone and a bio that says, “This is a parody account.” Mr. Clinton’s foundation has a Twitter page, but the ex-president does not currently have a verified account on the site. There is, however, a @BillClinton account, but it is unverified, protected and only has a paltry seven followers.

The Romney campaign’s Clinton Twitter fantasy comes the same day Gawker broke the news hackers may have broken into Mr. Romney’s private email account. Perhaps, the Romney campaign should focus on getting their own technological house in order rather than worrying about the non-existent Twitter accounts of Democratic politicians.

Romney Campaign Creates An Imaginary Bill Clinton Twitter Account