Roundup: Mental Slowing, Forgetfulness and Other Cognitive Problems

A breakdown of the NY-7 numbers shows that Erik Dilan did better among Hasidic voters than a rival faction claimed.

Mayor Bloomberg’s spokesman, Stu Loeser, had some advice for Tom Cruise’s publicists.

Charles Barron, temporarily freed from electoral politics, declared Christine Quinn’s rule a “dictatorship.”

Barron also discussed his wife potentially switching legislative places with him and said even “Donald Duck” would have beaten him last Tuesday.

Ed Towns backed Barron’s excuse that the “white media” is responsible for his loss.

Governor Cuomo signed some bills.

The city’s Chinatown bus network is undergoing an upheaval.

A court struck down a Bloomberg administration move to make teachers reapply for their jobs.

Manhattan Beach, where Brooklyn morphs into Florida.

New York’s population growth has been doing better since the 2010 census.

Rudy Giuliani said that Barack Obama was “an unsucessful person.”

A Mitt Romney ad uses old Hillary Clinton footage to attack Barack Obama.

James Carville wasn’t impressed, however.

Obama announced he will veto a bill that threatens to defund his Wall Street reforms.

U.S. stocks surged 277 points today.

Rick Santorum is ready to help Romney, but Romney isn’t exactly picking up the phone.

Bobby Jindal suggested that the health care ruling could force people to eat tofu.

Republicans and Democrats are officially engaged in an Obamacare t-shirt war.

Jets owner and Romney fundraiser Woody Johnson thinks John Roberts ruled to uphold the healthcare law in order to help Mitt Romney.

While conservative commentator Michael Savage thinks Roberts’ decision was due to “mental slowing, forgetfulness and other cognitive problems” induced by his epilepsy medications.

Republican Ohio Congresswoman Jean Schmidt got really excited after the false reports
the healthcare law was struck down.

A compendium of other conservatives’ reactions to the Supreme Court ruling.

Roundup: Mental Slowing, Forgetfulness and Other Cognitive Problems