Roundup: The People Have Gotten Dumber

Al Sharpton thinks the House stopped and frisked Attorney General Eric Holder.

Rich Becker has a tough contrast mailer up against Sean Patrick Maloney, and his spokesman said some pretty harsh things about Maloney in a subsequent update.

The New York Press endorsed Clyde Williams.

The League of Conservation Voters spent $19,000 to send mailers supporting Charlie Rangel.

Adriano Espaillat presented his economic vision for the district

Hakeem Jeffries could still win on the Working Families Party line if he loses to Charles Barron next Tuesday.

Gary Ackerman said the American electorate has dropped a few IQ points: “The public is to blame as well. I think the people have gotten dumber”

Barron’s fundraising report wasn’t very impressive.

Robert Mittman’s adviser predicted Grace Meng wins the election.

Governor Cuomo’s teacher evaluations bill will soon become law.

Is New York to blame for scuttling the national popular vote?  

Mike Gianaris said the Senate Democrats won’t be paying down their debt this year.

Mitt Romney’s campaign intends to outspend President Obama’s just like the United States outspent the Soviet Union. One Republican declared, “Our Super PACs are our Star Wars.”

And Romney likes to personally woo donors.

The weirdness of Barack Obama invoking executive privilege both to not disclose information on the targeted killing of terrorists and the right to not turn over internal memos in “The Fast and Furious” probe.

In an appearance on Fox News, Rep. Darrell Issa, who’s spearheading the investigation, joked that he’s “not available” if the president calls.

A Supreme Court ruling is likely to weaken (further) labor’s political power.

Rep. Jared Polis stymied a DEA agent with questions about marijuana during a congressional hearing.

Indiana GOP Senate candidate Richard Mourdock accidentally posted response videos for every potential outcome in the Supreme Court decision on healthcare reform and quickly deleted them.

Montana Senator Jon Tester is trading a pair of Pearl Jam tickets for dirt on his Republican opponent.

What does Ron Paul want?

Michigan is tied.

A blogger says that Obama has actually delivered for progressives, and 2012 is a test of whether or not it will work

Roundup: The People Have Gotten Dumber