Rudy Robos For Bob Turner

Fresh off his anti-Justin Bieber rally (or, to be fair, pro-Lee Greenwood rally) Congressman Bob Turner today released a robocall from Rudy Giuliani, touting Hizzoner’s support for his candidacy for the GOP Senate nomination.

Mr. Turner has been tracking a more moderate course than his rivals to the GOP nomination, a tactic that Mr. Giuliani once tried himself when he went after the GOP nomination and one that Mr. Giuliani says will be successful now.

Bob Turner is a Republican who can win statewide in New York

He shocked the world last year by sending a message to Obama and winning a congressional seat that had been held by Democrats since 1923

And he’ll do it again this November, if we all get behind him.

Bob Turner is the only candidate who can beat Kirsten Gillibrand

The whole thing can be viewed by clicking on the video below:


Rudy Robos For Bob Turner