Shelly Silver Might Have A Tea Party Opponent

Shelly Silver (Photo: Wikimedia)

Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver might not really be in any electoral trouble in his heavily Democratic district, but that doesn’t mean everyone thinks he should be unopposed. Accordingly, an individual named Wave Fay Chan filed against Mr. Silver today.

Not much is known about Mr. Chan, but someone matching his name and Lower East Side residency does seemed to be involved in the group Tea Party 365 .

“I love my country,” he told the New York Daily News. “I fear my government.”

“Like many in the movement, he carries a dog-eared copy of the U.S. Constitution at all times, as well as his birth certificate, photo ID and Social Security card,” the article further said about him, describing him as a “Tea Party leader.”

On an unrelated side note, here is a video of Mr. Chan jokingly doing a “victory dance” at a campaign headquarters last year:

Shelly Silver Might Have A Tea Party Opponent