Soda Jerk

Mayor Bloomberg’s proposal to limit the size of sugary drinks in New York prompted Katie Bayne, a high-ranking executive at Coca-Cola, to defy common sense on behalf of a 20-ounce serving of her favorite beverage.

“There is no evidence that connects sugary beverages to obesity,” she said.

If that logic sounds familiar, well, that means you are of a certain age, and you remember when tobacco executives argued that there simply was no evidence connecting cigarette use and lung cancer.

Ms. Bayne and her colleagues probably should stop denying the obvious and simply acknowledge that Mayor Bloomberg is not demanding an end to soda consumption. He simply wants to limit servings to 16 ounces, rather than the standard, calorie-laden 20-ounce bottle that Coke and its competitors prefer.

The mayor has common sense on his side. Ms. Bayne cannot say the same.

Soda Jerk