Spike Lee: Insane Genius, Or Just Insane? (Video)

'Old Boy' and Mike Tyson on Broadway...what's not to love?

Spike Lee and Mike Tyson on ‘Today’ (NBC)

We’re starting to believe that Spike Lee is either a genius or has gone absolutely insane. (Kind of like Peter Jackson, n’est pas?)

First he spends years jerking us around about an American version of Old Boy, even threatening to put Steven Spielberg in charge and giving Will Smith the lead role of Oh Dae-Su. (For those who haven’t seen the film, that’s akin to doing a remake of Schindler’s List where Zac Efron plays Oskar. And it’s directed by Rob Reiner.)

Thankfully, this idea was scrapped and the two leads will now be Josh Brolin and the South African guy from District 9. Still iffy, but it has the potential for genius.

And then we read what Mike Tyson is saying about his upcoming Broadway show, which Spike Lee directed, and the needle swings back to “crazy.”

Premiering July 31st after its successful run in Vegas, Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth will have audiences struggling to understand an hour and a half (give or take, intermission…maybe?) of Mr. Tyson’s unique diction in his one-man show. We’re sure that Mr. Tyson’s reviews are well-earned, but this is all we’re imagining:
This play is going to be raw, but ““not raw in a vulgar sense,” as Mr. Tyson explained. Just “raw” like a “prostitute hunter.”
Seriously, just watch this video from the Today show and tell us: Is Spike Lee crazy, or crazy like a fox? And how many doves, exactly, will this show be using over the course of it’s run? That’s our other question, obviously.

Spike Lee: Insane Genius, Or Just Insane? (Video)