Startup News: CityMaps Expands Eastward; Hack’n Jill Reminds Us Girls Are Hackers, Too


More maps CityMaps added Boston to its growing list of locales this week. The company also unveiled Featured Maps, which provides users with a layer of recommendations (think NYC and Co’s Best Pizza in NYC and New York’s Best Karaoke) visible on top of the standard map app. CityMaps claims the new feature is the first step towards letting users create their own custom maps.

Soundtrack to your life Songza released its “music concierge” app for iPad last week, which provides curated playlists intended to accompany daily activities such as “waking up,” “singing in the shower,” and, more generally, “feeling confident.” The app is free, and features a celebrity playlist with songs handpicked by Tyga.

Mail-order cocktails Feeling less than inspired by your local liquor store? Check out Caskers, a new invitation-only membership site designed to help users to discover craft spirits that aren’t available down the block. There’s also a soon-to-be subscription service, so each month you can get a box of three to five mini-sized samples of the finest artisanal spirits.

Hackathon This weekend marks Hack’n Jill’s inaugural hackathon, with special emphasis on gender equality. One hundred developers, designers, and, of course, hackers (50 men and 50 women!) will gather Friday and Saturday for a weekend of digital scheming.

Real-time conference The LivePerson, Inc. 2012 Customer Summit starts today, and you can still get on the waitlist if you pre-register now.

Pitch party Meanwhile, there’s still time to register for the Ultra Light Startups Investor Feedback Forum and Pitch Showdown tomorrow, June 13. Watch startups pitch and demonstrate products to an investor panel and then vote for your favorite via Twitter. The three winning startups are invited to pitch to the New York Angels. Plus, there’s a free afterparty at Yotel.

Eat, drink and be merry with your tech friends and groupies at the NYC Tech Picnic this Sunday at Chelsea Piers. Or, if Village Pourhouse is more your scene, there’s the NYC Startup Kickoff Mixer on Thursday.

Now hiring Quick: OMGPOP/Zynga is looking for a producer for Draw Something; Conductor wants a Sales Executive; GetGlue needs a Product Manager.

Startup News: CityMaps Expands Eastward; Hack’n Jill Reminds Us Girls Are Hackers, Too