Startup News: New Dating Site Lets You Check Out Your Friends’ Friends; The Fancy Goes DIY

Now for sale on The Fancy: Cookie Monster cupcakes. (Photo: The Fancy)

The new OKCupid TheDatable, a new social dating site, allows users to tag their single or, more selectively, “datable” Facebook friends—so that prospective dates can browse for partners within three degrees of separation, i.e. their friends’ friends. Non-singles can join too, but expect to be tagged as a “wing.”

Not just 140 characters The web series network Blip will partner with Twitter in its launch of “expanded tweets”—which will include links to partner websites and content previews allowing users to view images, play videos and more, all within the tweet itself.

DIY Pintrest competitor The Fancy has partnered with the peer-to-peer marketplace Zaarly so that users can buy and sell DIY items like this Lego head propane tank and these Cookie Monster cupcakes.

Midtown madness Online advertising company TruEffect has opened an engineering lab in Midtown and tapped MIT grad Thatcher Clay to run the division.

Photoshop Aviary’s photo editing app is now available for iPhone and Android.

Sustain IT Brooklyn Beta and the City of New York are teaming up next weekend to host Reinvent Green, the city’s first sustainability hackathon, at NYU Poly.

Summer soundtrack Since its release for iPad last week, the Songza iOS app has gotten more than 1.15 million downloads. The team is apparently celebrating its success with a new playlist entitled “Pre-gaming with Ke$ha,” curated by the namesake herself.

Blue ribbon SpotlessCity won first place at the Ultra Light Startups Pitch Showdown last week.

Investors wanted Today is the Building New York’s Innovation Pipeline event at the SUNY Levin Institute. The workshop will include a roundtable chaired by Stephen Cohen, Deputy Commissioner of the Empire State Development Corporation, to discuss the statewide innovation ecosystem, as well as a keynote address by Dr. Alain E. Kaloyeros, the founder of the world’s leading nanotech center, the Albany Nanotech Complex.

Now hiring We hear that Warby Parker is looking for an Email Marketing Specialist, Signpost needs an Interim CFO and Sageworks wants a Chief Risk Officer. Startup News: New Dating Site Lets You Check Out Your Friends’ Friends; The Fancy Goes DIY