Storobin Links Felder to ‘The Christine Quinn Agenda’ and Explains Why Skelos Will Back Him

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In an interview with the Jewish Press that just went online last night, newly minted Republican State Senator David Storobin presented an elaborate case against his likely Democratic opponent, former City Councilman Simcha Felder. As they are competing for the same socially conservative, heavily Orthodox Jewish district, Mr. Storobin made repeated efforts to link Mr. Felder to Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who is both socially liberal ideologically and an open lesbian.

“If you look at previous races, my opponent was a supporter of Barack Obama, my opponent was a supporter of Christine Quinn, my opponent was a reliable Democratic voter of the Christine Quinn Agenda,” he argued, repeating the “Christine Quinn agenda” line again afterwards.

The Republican cited a specific example of his argument as it relates to Ms. Quinn.

“When he takes Christine Quinn and he brings her to a Jewish girls school, … he points to her and says, ‘This is a role model for you.’ Most of their parents — I think none of their parents — would agree with that,” he said. “Christine Quinn’s lifestyle is not what the parents would choose for their girls. Not just lifestyles, politically speaking and in many ways, those are not the values of the parents of these kids. I would never bring someone like that and point out that this is a role model for those kids.”

Mr. Storobin also made the case that no matter how conservative Mr. Felder may be, if he’s willing to support a Democratic majority, it doesn’t matter. And, addressing reports that the Republican Majority Leader Dean Skelos is privately backing Mr. Felder under the condition that he conferences with the Republican majority, Mr. Storobin dismissed them.

“There are always rumors floating around,” he said. “The reality is that I have a very good relationship with Dean Skelos. We’ve known each other in both political and personal circumstances. I was at his sister-in-law’s barbecue.”

“I would be very, very surprised if he went against a member of his conference, in particular a member of his conference with whom he had no problems with,” he continued explaining when pressed. “There was never been a bad word that was exchanged between us. You look at the pictures … I went in [the State Senate chamber for the first time] and he has this look of joy on his face and he’s hugging me. I mean, he looks like he’s happy to have me there.”

He also pointed out that Mr. Skelos backed his legislation to translate election materials into Russian, stating, “Like I said, if he didn’t want me to get reelected I can’t imagine that he would put my bill for a vote for a vote, much less make sure that it passed.”

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Storobin Links Felder to ‘The Christine Quinn Agenda’ and Explains Why Skelos Will Back Him